Statement Against Misogyny and Gendered Violence


We, members of the Dalhousie University community, offer this public statement in response to recent reports of acts of misogyny and gendered violence by student members of the “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen” on Facebook and other offensive behaviour that has occurred at Dalhousie that contributes to a culture of gendered violence and discrimination.

First, we acknowledge that there is a problem of sexualized violence on Dalhousie campuses, on other university campuses in our province and across our country. It is important to name and own this culture of sexualized violence, only then can we address it effectively.

Second, we apologize for our failure in the past to respond effectively to the problem of sexualized violence on university campuses. For instance, when reports of sexualized violence emerged two years ago at Saint Mary’s University, UBC, and the University of Ottawa, we failed to stand up and demand action on our campus to address our culture of sexualized violence. We allowed events on other campuses to be perceived as someone else’s problem when it was our problem as well.

Third, we commit ourselves to the work required to make our campuses safe and supportive learning environments for women and members of other vulnerable groups. We also commit ourselves to ensuring that the Faculty of Dentistry (and all of our professional schools and academic units) deserve the public trust that has been placed in them as educators of individuals who, upon graduation, will hold professional positions of power and trust in society.

Fourth, we call for an integrated approach to the problem of sexualized violence on our campuses – an approach that (i) responds to the specific harms caused by incidents that have recently been reported that reflect a pervasive culture of misogyny and disrespect for women and sexual minorities and (ii) addresses the underlying systemic causes.

The response to the specific harms must include steps to ensure:

  • first and foremost, the safety and success of the female students currently in Fourth Year in the Faculty of Dentistry
  • the safety and success of all other students in the Faculty of Dentistry (including dental hygiene students) and the rest of Dalhousie
  • the safety and comfort of patients in the Faculty of Dentistry Clinic, many of whom are members of vulnerable groups
  • the safety of possible future patients of students found to have violated any of the following policies: Dalhousie University Sexual Harassment Policy; Dalhousie University Code of Student Conduct; Dalhousie University Faculty of Dentistry Student Code of Professional Conduct; all relevant professional Codes of Ethics; and The Competencies for a Beginning Dental Practitioner in Canada (if ever they are licensed)

The response to the systemic causes of sexualized violence must include the appointment of an Independent Committee of Inquiry composed entirely of external members to investigate, to consult with all relevant stakeholders, to issue a public report, and to make recommendations to all appropriate institutions and organizations. Only in this way might we be able to ensure the safety and success of students, faculty and staff, and begin to regain public trust in the Faculty of Dentistry and Dalhousie University.

We call on members of the Dalhousie community to join us in the project of working to create a safe and respectful learning environment for all students, and to earn back the public trust with respect to the training of future professionals.

You can do this by emailing and providing your name and Dalhousie affiliation. Names will be added to the list below, unless otherwise indicated in your email. 

Thank you to all who have endorsed the Statement. We are no longer accepting signatures.



(1) Françoise Baylis, Faculty of Medicine and Department of Philosophy

(2) Elaine Craig, Faculty of Law

(3) Jocelyn Downie, Faculties of Law and Medicine

(4) Letitia Meynell, Department of Philosophy and Program of Gender and Women’s Studies

(5) Brian Noble, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

(6) Andrew Fenton, Adjunct of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Philosophy), Dalhousie University; Department of Philosophy, California State University – Fresno

(7) Jade Fraser, Alumna, Class of 2008; Student, Faculty of Law, Class of 2017

(8) Darlene Taylor, Sir James Dunn Law Library, Dalhousie University

(9) Dianne Pothier, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Law

(10) Steve Coughlan, Professor, Faculty of Law

(11) Martha Paynter, Alumna, Master of Economics 2004

(12) Syd Johnson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Bioethics, Michigan Technical University; former postdoc at Novel Tech Ethics, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University

(13) Susan Tirone, Professor, Associate Director, College of Sustainability

(14) Meinhard Doelle, Faculty of Law

(15) Dr. Jacqueline Warwick, Associate Professor of Music and Coordinator, Gender & Women’s Studies

(16) Kelsey Croft, Student, Faculty of Law, Class of 2016

(17) Allison Smith, Alumna Law Class of 2014

(18) Joanna Schoepp, Faculty of Law student

(19) Tricia Parker, Faculty of Law, Class of 2016

(20) Danielle Kain, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine

(21) Julia M. Wright, Department of English

(22) Daniel Rainham, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science

(23) Tarah Wright, Faculty of Science

(24) Richard Devlin, Faculty of Law

(25) Peter Mushkat, Lecturer, Environmental Science & College of Sustainability

(26) Michael Bolton, Alumnus, Master of Arts

(27) Steven Baur, Associate Professor of Musicology, Fountain School of Performing Arts

(28) Lois Jackson, Professor, Faculty of Health Professions

(29) Lyn Bennett, Department of English

(30) Afua Cooper, James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies, FASS; Associate Professor, SOSA, Dalhousie

(31) Jason Haslam, Department of English

(32) Simon Gadbois, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

(33) Barbara Maynard, Former Associate Director, Centre for advanced Management Education

(34) Shane Bryson, Alumnus, English (MA) and Philosophy (BA)

(35) Carolan McLarney, Professor, Faculty of Management and former Senate Vice Chair (Academic)

(36) Bill Sewell, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Graduate Studies

(37) Jon Penney, Faculty of Law

(38) Len Diepeveen, Department of English

(39) Margaret Denike, Department of Political Science
(40) Julia Crabbe, Schulich School of Law Graduate, Class of 2013
(41) Matthew Herder, Assistant Professor, Faculties of Medicine and Law
(42) Nicole Beare, Department of English
(43) Norbert Zeh, Faculty of Computer Science
(44) Bruce Fraser, Alumnus, Bachelor of Science, class of 1994
(45) Debbie Martin, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion Division, Faculty of Health Professions
(46) Pauline Gardiner Barber, Professor, Sociology & Social Anthropology
(47) Sherry Pictou, PhD Candidate
(48) Maryanne Fitzpatrick, Alumna, BSC Pharmacy, 1999
(49) Lynne Evans, Phd Candidate, Department of English

(50) Liz Fitting, Associate Professor, Sociology & Social Anthropology

(51) Lynda Corkum, Faculty of Law

(52) Colin Mitchell, Department of History

(53) Sydney Logan, Student, Faculty of Law, Class of 2017

(54) Timothy Krahn, Novel Tech Ethics, Faculty of Medicine

(55) Jamie Baxter, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law

(56) Sarah Emsley, Alumna, MA and PhD in English

(57) Janice Graham, Professor, Faculty of Medicine

(58) Gillian K. D. Crozier, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Canada Research Chair in Environment, Culture, and Values, Laurentian University, Canada; former postdoctorcal research fellow (2007-2009) at Dalhousie

(59) Carrie Dawson, Department of English

(60) Alexis Shotwell, Alumna, MA, class of 2000

(61) Grace Szucs, Alumna, English 2014

(62) Erika Burger, PhD Candidate

(63) Constance Macintosh, Director, Dalhousie Health Law Institute; Associate professor, Faculty of Law

(64) Sheila Wildeman, Faculty of Law

(65) Andrew D. Bergel, Instructor at the College of Sustainability.

(66) Matthew Nette, Alumnus 2007

(67) Martha Radice, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

(68) Michael Hymers, Professor, Department of Philosophy

(69) Theresa Ulicki, Department of International Development Studies

(70) John Cameron, Associate Professor, Department of International Development Studies

(71) Adriana Greenblatt, Alumna, Class of 2001 

(72) Susan Sherwin, Professor Emerita, Philosophy

(73) Richmond Campbell, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy

(74) Pat Brennan-Alpert, Student

(75) Angel Petropanagos, Novel Tech Ethics, Faculty of Medicine

(76) Katie Stockdale, PhD Student, Department of Philosophy

(77) Craig Jennex, PhD Candidate, Department of English & Cultural Studies, McMaster University. Recipient, Dalhousie University Medal in Women & Gender Studies, 2010

(78) Michael D. Doan, Alumnus, Ph.D class of 2014

(79) Dr. Toni Suzuki Laidlaw, Professor (retired)

(80) Susan Dieleman, Assistant Professor, Philosophy & Gender and Women’s Studies

(81) Joan Conrad Master of Social Work, 1978

(82) Veromi Arsiradam, Alumna, BA in Philosophy, 2012

(83) John Bingham, Department of History

(84) James Formosa, Graduate Student, Department of Philosophy

(85) Brenda Beagan, Associate Professor, School of Occupational Therapy

(86) Catherine Lazier, Professor (retired) Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

(87) Linda Eisenhauer Dalhousie MSW, 1975

(88) Carolyn Savoy, Professor (retired), School of Health and Human Performance

(89) Carolyn Campbell, Associate Professor, School of Social Work

(90) Victor Kumar, Alumnus, B.Sc. Psychology & Biology (2003), B.A. Philosophy (2005)

(91) Suzanne Waldman, PhD Candidate (Communication), Carleton University; Alumna, PhD Program (English), Dalhousie University

(92) David Dexter, Alumnus, M.A. Philosophy (2013), B.A. Philosophy (2012)

(93) Nicholas Dourado, Graduate Student, Department of Physical Oceanography

(94) Susan Kirkland, PhD, Professor, Departments of Community Health and Epidemiology & Medicine

​(95) Lisa Lachance, Alumna BA 1996, MPA 2000; Executive Director, Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts Institute

(96) Dr Paula Gallant, Alumna, BSc(Pharm) ’80, MD ’86, PGM ’87, PGM ’91, General Surgeon, Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville, NS; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgery

(97) Michael Goodyear, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine

(98) Emilie Coyle, Faculty of Law, Class of 2014

(99) Glynis  M.  Ross, BA (1973), B.Ed. (1974), MA (1990)

(100) Breton Cousins, Alumnus, B.A. Political Science (2013)

(101) Liz Townsend, Professor Emerita, School of Occupational Therapy

(102) Michelle Hebert Boyd, BSW 1996, MSW 2005

(103) Jason Brown, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

(104) Mandeep Kaur Mucina, Faculty, School of Social Work Faculty of Health Professions.

(105) Brenda Richard, School of Social Work.

(106) Lori Cruddas, Alumna, Bachelor of Science, Class of 1988

(107) Brenda Hattie, Research Assistant, School of Occupational Therapy

(108) Martine Durier-Copp, PhD, Director, Centre for Advanced Management Education (CFAME), Faculty of Management

(109) Janet Brush, Student, Department of English

(110) Samantha Murphy, M. Urban and Rural Planning (2001)

(111) Karen Gallant, Assistant Professor, School of Health and Human Performance

(112) John D. Dickinson, MD, FRCSC, Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

(113) Josette Costello (Déléas), Alumna (MA) French

(114) Marion Brown, Associate Professor, School of Social Work

(115) Samantha Copeland, PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy

(116) Chike Jeffers, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

(117) Ellen Hickey, Assoc Prof, School of Human Communication Disorders

(118) Jason Breen, Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy

(119) Jane Kirby, Alumna, MA IDS, Class of 2009

(120) Erin Fredericks, Alumna, IDPhD 2013

(121) Terence Rudolph, PhD student, York, Human Geography; Alumnus, MA, International Development

(122) Jay LeBlanc,  MSW ’92,  Alumna

(123) Diane Kays, MSW ’71, Alumna

(124) Erin Dalton, BSW, RSW, BMT – Dalhousie School of Social Work Alum

(125) Lee Staples, Faculty of Law, Class of 2015 

(126) Norma Jean Profitt, Alumna, BA1979

(127) Alexandra Widmer, Alumna BA Hons 1997, MA 2000; Currently adjunct professor, York University

(128) Karen Beazley, Faculty of Management

(129) Lindsay DuBois, Associate Professor, Sociology and Social Anthropology

(130) Talia Meer, Dalhousie Alumna, MA IDS, 2010

(131) Scott A. Halperin, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Microbiology & Immunology; Head, Pediatric Infectious Diseases; Director, Canadian Center for Vaccinology, Dalhousie University, IWK Health Centre

(132) Nancy Ripley- Hood, B. Com LLB, BFA

(133) Michael Hadskis, School of Health Administration & Schulich School of Law

(134) Jessica von Handorf, Alumna, BA, class of 2000

(135) Marika Warren, Department of Bioethics

(136) Kristin Good, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

(137) Olivia Quentin, Canadian Center for Vaccinology, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, IWK Health Centre/Dalhousie University

(138) Jane Affleck, Alumna, Bachelor of Arts, 2000

(139) Sherry Jarvis, Research Project Coordinator, Healthy Eating in Recreation and Sport Settings, Applied Research Collaborations for Health (ARCH), School of Health and Human Performance; Alumna BSc (Health Promotion) and BA (Sociology), Dalhousie University

(140) Chris Kaposy, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, Novel Tech Ethics, Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine, Former Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalhousie University, 2006-2008

(141) Ruben Zaiotti, Political Science

(142) Cathy Fournier, research associate, Division of Medical Education

(143) Dr. Emma Whelan, Associate Professor, Sociology & Sociology Anthropology

(144) Steven Burns, Professor (retired), Department of Philosophy

(145) Crystal Dieleman, Assistant Professor, School of Occupational Therapy

(146) Andrew Glencross, former student and Halifax community member

(147) Marjorie Stone, McCulloch Professor of  English ​

(148) Dr. Grace Warner, Associate Professor , School of Occupational Therapy

(149) Kira Kelly, MSW

(150) Roderick Affleck, Alumnus, BSc. 1997

(151) Mary Petty, Alumna (MSW) and Adjunct, School of Social Work

(152) Victoria Joy-Warren, Alumna, Department of Economics, Class of 2014

(153) Grace Johnston, Professor, School of Health Administration

(154) Debra Burleson, BSc ’73, MPA ‘90

(155) Marilyn Peers, MSW ‘70 Alumna

(156) Michelle Adams, Associate Professor, School for Resource and Environmental Studies

(157) Jacob Sandler, alum, class of 2014, faculty of arts and social sciences

(158) Christopher J Howard, M.Arch 2014, B.E.D.S. 2012, B.SC 2002

(159) Jordan Roberts, NSPIRG, alumna 2008, honours in Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology

(160) Patricia Gordon, MSW 1970 Dal Alumna

(161) Leona MacLeod, Department of Classics

(162) Shannon Turner, student

(163) Katrina Grentz, alumna, College of Pharmacy class of 1993

(164) Randall Henderson, Alumnus, BSc, BA, BSW

(165) Karlea Lewis, Alumna, B.A. English and History (2014)

(166) Kelsey Stevenson, BA English (2014)

(167) Carmel Farahbakhsh, Student

(168) Mary Ann Krotz, Alumna B.A. Hons English 2002, Vice President English Society 2001-2002, B.Ed. (Western), M.Ed. (OISE/UT)

(169) Thomas Ryan MacKinnon: Faculty of Agriculture Alumnus, Class of 2014; Dalhousie Diploma in Dental Hygiene, Class of 2016

(170) Yazan Matarieh, Student, Faculty of Engineering, Class of 2017/18

(171) Shelley Adamo, Killam Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience

(172) Rach Klein, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

(173) Cindy MacDonnell, Alumna, Bachelor of Engineering, 2009

(174) Jude Ashburn, Outreach Coordinator, South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre

(175) Oriel MacLennan, Killam Library

(176) Christopher Thomas, Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences (Alumnus 1995)

(177) Renée Hulan, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Graduate Studies

(178) Isaac Saney, Director of the Transition Year Program

(179) Gayle Quigley-Smith, Administrator, Department of Philosophy

(180) Linda Bayers, PhD. Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Health Professions, Faculty of Graduate Studies

(181) Liz Joyce, B.A. 1980,  Co-ordinator, NSERC grant program

(182) Paul Thomas, Retired Professor of Law, Dalhousie Law School

(183) Trevor Ross, Department of English

(184) Nancy Shackell, Dalhousie Alumna 1991, Adjunct Professor

(185) Kynan Brown, Alumnus, Department of Biology, 2012

(186) Alison Tuton, Staff, Faculty of Dentistry

(187) Holly Richardson, Alumna School of Architecture & Planning, MURP 2001

(188) Geri A MacDonald Dalhousie BSW ’98 MSW’03

(189) Emmaline Atherton, Department of Earth Sciences, Class of 2015

(190) Gary Chih-Kang Liu, Ph.D., Alumnus, Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science 2011

(191) Robert Horton, Faculty of Medicine

(192) KG Woods, undergraduate student, Department of Earth Sciences

(193) Daniel Morrison, Staff, Dept. of Oceanography

(194) Elyse Holmes, Residence Life Staff Member and Faculty of Biology (Class of 2016​)

(195) Meagan Timney, Alumna, English (MA, PhD)

(196) Elizabeth O’Brien, MLIS student

(197) Gillian Lynn Ryan, Alum MSc Physics ’06, PhD Physics ’09

(198) Simone Lemieux, alumna class of 2014,  Mechanical engineering

(199) Danielle Nelson, BSc Microbiology & Immunology Co-op 2011

(200) Bronwen Withorn White, Alumna, BA International Development Studies and History, 2008

(201) Ann Harvey, BA, Alumna 2013

(202) Lauren Hughes, Alumna, M.Sc. Physics 2008

(203) Candida Rifkind, alumna (BA Hon English 1995) and Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Winnipeg

(204) Shandi Mitchell, Alumna, Adjunct Professor, Creative Writing

(205) Jaida Regan, Environmental Sustainability and Society and Political Science student

(206) Shannon Brownlee, Fountain School of Performing Arts

(207) Mary Brown, BA 2009, Law Student – Class of 2016

(208) Maureen Shebib  LLB, LLM 

(209) Jevin Jeyaveerasingam, Student in Bachelor’s of Business Management

(210) Laura Eramian, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

(211) Angela Carragher, Bachelor Science in Physiotherapy 1988

(212) Carolyn McLeod, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Western University; PhD Dalhousie 1999

(213) Michael Ungar, Killam Professor of Social Work

(214) Matthias H. Schmidt, Professor, Department of Diagnostic Radiology

(215) Fiona Ryan , Part Time Academic, Music, Fountain school of Performing Arts

(216) Brett Taylor, Faculty of Law, Class of 2016

(217) Lindy Weilgart, Alumna 1990; Adjunct, Biology Dept.

(218) Stephen Murray, Sir James Dunn Law Library

(219) Dr. Anne Marie Ryan, Senior Instructor, Earth Sciences Department, Alumna

(220) Erin Ryan, Master of Arts in Professional Communication candidate; Alumna, Bachelor of Arts in Economics; Dalhousie Employee

(221) Kirstin Borgerson, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Cross-Appointed with Gender and Women’s Studies

(222) Nuala Kenny, MD Alumna, Professor Emerita, Department of Bioethics

(223) Tina Capalbo, Alumna, Master of Arts, 2001

(224) Dawn MacLellan, Associate Professor, Urology, Faculty of Medicine

(225) Jocelyn Bellefontaine, Student

(226) Lindsay Fleming, spouse of current Dalhousie student & former visiting student

(227) Eileen Kilfoil, Alumna, B.A. (1993), Masters of IT Education (2000)

(228) Edwin R. Head, M.T.S. (AST); Alumnus B.A., B.Ed. (1972)

(229) Dr. Roberta Barker, Associate Professor and Associate Director (Theatre), Fountain School of Performing Arts

(230) Ruby Blois, DHA, Dalhousie School of Nursing 1967, Former Vice President Nursing, IWK Health Centre

(231) Debbie Matheson, BA, BEd, Alumna 1969 and 1971, recent former community member of Dalhousie Health Sciences Research Ethics Board, present member Advisory Committee to the Sunlife Chair in Adolescent Mental Health at Dalhousie and IWK

(232) Conrad Fernandez MD, FRCPC, Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist, Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Bioethics, Head, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Dalhousie University and the IWK Health Centre

(233) Matthew Raniowski, B.Sc. Physics 1997

(234) Debra Ross, Manager, Outreach & Partnerships, College of Sustainability

(235) Judith Thompson, Department of English

(236) Vivian Howard, Faculty of Management

(237) Geordie Miller, Department of English

(238) Lena Slanisky, Alumna, English and Creative Writing, former VP of the Undergrad English Society

(239) Johanne Jell, Alumna (2009), MA English

(240) Amy Jones, Alumna, BA 1999

(241) Matthew Coe, Alumnus 2012, Bachelor of Computer Science

(242) Anne Marie Coolen, Director, SITE Cooperative Education

(245) Dianne Kristoff, Fountain School of the Performing Arts

(246) Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, DDS 1988 (UofT grad)

(247) Cheryle Kelm, Professor, School of Physiotherapy

(248) Vittorio Frigerio, Professor, Undergraduate Advisor, Department of French

(249) Crystal Vaughan, Alumna (Faculty of Arts); Administration (School of Human Communication Disorders)

(250) Chelsey Roy, JD 2013, Schulich School of Law

(251) Lukas Pearse, Dalhousie Music, Alumnus, BMus 2003, NSCAD Regular Part-Time Media Arts

(252) Greyson Jones, PhD Student – Social Anthropology

(253) Andrew Biro, Adjunct Faculty, Dalhousie School of Resource & Environmental Studies, Professor, Department of Politics, Acadia University

(254) Derek Reilly, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Computer Science

(255) Sonya Marcott, BScN, RN, GNC(c), Current student with Dalhousie Masters of Nursing, Nurse practitioner stream

(256) Wayne Fenske, Chair, Department Of Philosophy, Kwantlen Polytechnic University; PhD in Philosophy from Dalhousie University,1995

(257)  Stacey Waterman, Faculty of Law, Class of 2014.

(258) Dr. Jeff Hennessy, Adjunct Professor of Music, Dalhousie University and Acting Dean of Arts, Acadia University

(259) Catriona Talbot, Alumna, MA, 1977

(260) Dr. Erin Hennessy. Dalhousie Dentistry (DDS) alumna, Class of 2004.

(261) Alex Hosein, School of Pharmacy, Class of 2014.

(262) Barbara McDonald, Alumna (MLIS 1989)

(263) Ashley Hill, College of Pharmacy

(264) Linda Power, Administrative Assistant, School of Social Work

(265)  Rose Scott-Lincourt, MSW, RSW, Placement Coordinator, Distance Field Education, Sessional Lecturer, School of Social Work, Dalhousie University

(266) Alexander Campbell – Student, Faculty of Computer Science.

(267) Merlinda Weinberg, MSW, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

(268) A. Warren Heiti, alumnus, Dalhousie Doctoral Programme in Philosophy

(269) Lynda Johnson  Alumna  Masters of Social Work 1995

(270) Sarah MacSwain, Faculty of Medicine, Class of 2012

(271) Sandra L. Toze, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Information Management (SIM)

(272) Susanne M. Litke, RSW, MSW, LLB

(273) Cate May Burton, Alumna, Class of 2013

(274) Susan V Bennett, BA, 1967 and MSW 1986

(275) Molly Lowson, University of King’s College and Dalhousie University

(276) Evelyn Burns, BComm 1974 

(277) Don Dine, BSc 1974, BEd 1975

(278)  Vanessa Nickerson, Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy

(279) Sallie Lau, Student, Faculty of Science, Class of 2017

(280) Jillian Mosher, Dalhousie Alumna 2007

(281) Jamaal Hyder, Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University

(282) Margot Latimer, RN., PhD, Faculty of Health Professions

(283) Lisa Goldberg, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Dalhousie

(284) Emily Bingeman, PhD Student, Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University 

(285) Ingrid Waldron, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

(286) Patricia Mary Betts, MES (1995)

(287) Gudlaug Einarsdottir, BScN, MN student at the School of Nursing.

(288) Deborah McLeod RN., Ph.D., School of Nursing, Clinician Scientist, Psychosocial Oncology Team (NSCC), QEII Health Sciences Centre

(289) Marsha Campbell-Yeo, PhD, RN, Faculty of Health Professions

(290) Adam Auch, Alumnus, Dalhousie Philosophy PhD program, Class of 2012

(291) Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov, PhD Candidate, Instructor, School of Social Work

(292) Holly Richardson PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

(293) Professor Dorothy E. Moore (retired) School of Social Work, Member, Association of Dalhousie Retirees and Pensioners

(294) Harrison Makohoniuk, B.A. Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies (2014), BSW Candidate

(295) Jean Hughes, RN, PhD, Professor, School of Nursing, Dalhousie University, Research Scientist IWK Health Centre, Senior Editor – Productions Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health

(296)  Jacqueline Skiptunis, Vice President Academic and External, Dalhousie Student Union

(297) Jennifer Nowoselski, Vice President Internal, Dalhousie Student Union

Support from Students Nova Scotia:

Jonathan Williams, Executive Director, Students Nova Scotia (on behalf of Students Nova Scotia)

Bob Parker, Director of Research, Students NS

Alexander Elderkin, NSCC Kingstec SA President, Students NS Delegate

Kayti Baur, Equity Officer, Students Nova Scotia

Brandon Hamilton, St. FX Students’ Union President (on behalf of the St. FX Students’ Union)

James Patriquin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (on behalf of the students of St. Mary’s)

Cathie Ross, General Manager, Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (on behalf of the students of St. Mary’s)

Callie Lathem, President, Acadia Students’ Union (on behalf of the Acadia Students’ Union)

Supporters beyond the Dalhousie community:

Lori Chambers, Professor of Women’s Studies, Lakehead University, and Chair of the Lakehead University Task Force on Education, Prevention and Response to Sexual Assault

Professor Arthur Schafer, Director, Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of Manitoba

Ken Johnson, MD, Active Staff, Family Medicine, Capital Health

Karen E Macfarlane, Department of English, Mount Saint Vincent University

Judith Schrimger, Professor Emerita, Mount Saint Vincent University

Jodey Castricano, PhD, F.O.C.A.E., Associate Professor Critical Studies, Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies, University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus)

James K. Rowe, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria

Denise Parrott

Anne Meneley, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Trent University

Michelle Walks, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Ottawa, and Sessional Instructor (Anthropology and Gender & Women’s Studies), University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus)

Ellen R. Judd  FRSC, Distinguished Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Manitoba

Steven Miles, MD Professor of Medicine, Mass Family Foundation Chair in Bioethics, University of Minnesota

Tynette Deveaux

Monique Deveaux, Professor of Philosophy, University of Guelph

Carol Millett

Udo Krautwurst, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Prince Edward Island

Shawn Chapman

Frank T. Lavandier, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Prince Edward Island

Heather Young-Leslie, Ph.D., Senior Coordinator, Social Sciences/Humanities Grant Assist Program, University of Alberta

Valerie Campbell, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Prince Edward Island

Scott Ahmed, Toronto

ven cain, NSCAD

Jessica Parker, PhD Candidate, University of BC

Gerald Sider, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, CUNY Graduate Center; Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Sanda Rodgers, Professor Emerita of Law, University of Ottawa

Leslee Nicholson, Journeyed/certified tradeswoman, mother of female Dalhousie BSc student, class of 2016

Valerie Irvine, Assistant Professor & TIE Lab Director, University of Victoria, BC, Canada

Julien LeBlanc

Joyce Yates,  Alumna of Memorial University of Newfoundland; University of Edinburgh

David Brian Howard Ph.D., Associate Professor of Art History, Art History and Critical Studies Division, NSCAD

Susan McEachern, Professor, Media Arts, NSCAD University (retired)

Jayne Wark, Art History and Critical Studies, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Justin Edwards, University of Surrey, UK

Diana Das, BSc, MD, CCFP, Family Physician, Williams Lake, BC, and alumna University of British Columbia

Katrin Schubert, MD, PhD University of Hamburg, B.A. Life Sciences Queen’s university, Kingston, Ontario

Lorna Cane, Queen’s grad

Dr. Kelly Morris MD, CCFP, Department of Family Medicine/Obstetrics, Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre

Lori Leach, PhD, Instructor, Departments of Sociology and Gender and Women Studies, UNB

Ellen Faulkner, PhD University of Toronto, 1999

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