Monthly Archives: August 2013

Post-Pratten Proposal

Sara Cohen suggests that legislative changes can effectively increase the availability and use of known or open I.D. gamete donation in Canada without imposing a ban on anonymous sperm donation.

Sperm is Property: So Says the Court

Vanessa Gruben and Angela Cameron foresee many more difficult legal questions arising from dispositional disputes over reproductive materials.

Embryo sex selection shouldn’t be illegal

Stephen Wilkinson and Eve Garrard respond to our last blog post calling for the continuing prohibition on embryo sex selection.

Rethinking Sex Selection: A Feminist Critique

Alana Cattapan argues the harm done to women through sex selection is sufficient reason to continue the prohibition.

Ending the lifetime ban is still discriminatory

Jason Behrmann argues that the revised policy on blood donations for men-who-have-sex-with-men is better than the previous lifetime ban, but nonetheless remains discriminatory.