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Thank you for considering contributing an article to IMPACT ETHICS: MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN BIOETHICS.

IE welcomes unsolicited original submissions for consideration. Below are some guidelines for prospective authors to consider when preparing their article for review.

Mission Statement: (1) promote critical discussion of bioethical/health policy issues relevant to Canadians; (2) disseminate opinions on these issues from diverse perspectives to a wide academic and non-academic audience; and (3) to promote public engagement with and education on bioethical issues. (Please see our About page for more information).

Content: We invite submissions from any area of bioethics/health care, broadly construed to include environmental ethics and neuroethics. Ideal submissions are those that coincide with the IE mandate. Prospective contributors are strongly encouraged to view recent posts on IE to get a clearer understanding of the types of material accepted for posting. Content should be presented in an opinion\editorial format, rather than as an academic précis. Please include links, not formal references.

Authors: IE accepts submissions of commentaries with up to two authors. Commentaries with three authors may be accepted if discussed in advance with the IE Managing Editor.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Impact Ethics authors must disclose potential conflicts of interest.  A conflict of interest exists when the author’s objectivity may be influenced by professional or personal affiliations or contributions, financial compensation, the prospect of financial gain, or the prospect of professional advancement.  Professional or personal affiliations will be considered a conflict of interest when there is overlap between the affiliation(s) and the subject matter of an IE commentary. Otherwise, the information about professional and personal affiliations will be included in the author’s affiliation line as evidence of expertise in the subject matter. Our goal is to ensure that our readers are aware of our authors’ interests. 

Re-posting IE blogs: Impact Ethics permits non-commercial redistribution of commentaries, as long as the original commentary is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to the author and a link to the original Impact Ethics post. For commercial reprints, please contact the blog manager at

Submissions: Please send a Microsoft Word document for editorial review by email to with the words “Impact Ethics Blog Submission” in the subject line. Typically, authors can expect to have an initial response from the managing editor within 10 business days of submission.

All submissions will be subject to editorial review. However, IE is NOT a peer reviewed blog.

Please contact the editorial staff for further information:

Style Guidelines

Submission length: 500 – 800 words

Language: We encourage submissions in either French or English.

Title:  Try to keep short and to the point.  Make sure that it includes relevant searchable terms.

Links: Impact Ethics uses neither footnotes nor in-text citations. Instead, we ask authors to include embedded hyperlinks in their Word document. All links are subject to editorial discretion and approval.

Author Affiliation Line: Please include one line with your institutional or professional affiliation(s), Twitter handle, and personal website (if applicable). Do not include degrees.
Refer to recent blog posts at for examples.

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