Monthly Archives: September 2013

A Zero-Sum Game? A Consideration of Dependency Workers and Dependent Elderly Persons

Alison Reiheld suggests that better treatment of dependency workers may lead to better treatment of dependent persons.

L’autre maison : Quels milieux de vie réserve-t-on aux aînés québécois?

Maude Laliberté, avec cette critique du film L’autre maison, pose une question poignante : Quelles maisons sommes-nous en train d’imposer à nos proches?

Stand Up For Science

Justin Singer urges those of us who care about science and democracy to stand up to our federal government.

Being and Becoming Compromised: Conflicts of Interest in Bioethics

Nicholas G. Evans makes the distinction between being partial and being compromised.

Corruption in a Bioethics Free-For-All

Kelly Hills joins the conversation on money, power, responsibility and accountability in bioethics and denounces corporate funding of bioethicists.

Judging Souls Versus Acts in Bioethics

Alice Dreger underscores the split in Bioethics being debated at Impact Ethics with the latest news from the SUPPORT trial controversy.

On Pharma-Funded Ethicists

Carl Elliott responds to Rob MacDougall: The goal is not to achieve perfect impartiality.