Monthly Archives: November 2013

No Ethical Free Lunch in Organ Donation Policy

Jennifer Chandler points to the ethical trade-offs in any policy to increase organ donation.

Should Five More Kidneys Go To Market?

Barry Hoffmaster argues that the moral cost of commodifying kidneys for transplantation must be calculated before the health care costs can be considered.  

You Can’t Unring a Bell

Aviva Goldberg suggests that while payment may increase the number of living kidney providers, this benefit may not outweigh the risks associated with commodification of the human body.

Bioethicists as Public Advocates

Syd Johnson calls for bioethicists to better serve the public interest by cultivating substantive and critical discussion of ethically complex issues.

What is Impact Ethics?

Barry Hoffmaster offers us a meditation on Impact Ethics.

Beware Misinformation on Aid In Dying

Jocelyn Downie calls for facts, not fiction, to guide public policy on Bill 52.

Fitness Is An Issue For Feminist Bioethics

Samantha Brennan and Tracy Isaacs remind us of the importance of fitness, not for our looks, but for our health, and not only for when we are young and energetic, but for all time.