Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Tragic Death and a Fight for Life

L. Syd M Johnson argues for the accommodation of religious and moral objections to declaring death according to the whole brain death criterion. 

Anticipating the Legal Right to Assisted Death in Canada

David Moscrop believes the legal right to an assisted death will be recognized in Canada.

The Ethical Bases of Medical Aid in Dying

Jean Mercier, Wayne Sumner, and Daniel Weinstock insist that the principles of respect for autonomy and compassion for our fellow citizens support physician-assisted dying.

‘Excess’ Embryos for Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Research

Pamela White argues that ‘excess’ embryos potentially available for human pluripotent stem cell research should not be described as ‘unwanted’.

Family Caregivers in Canada: Prognosis Poor

Monique Lanoix argues that family caregivers should be properly compensated, and better supported, by the government-funded health care system.