Monthly Archives: July 2014

Folic Acid Supplementation in Canada: What is the Right Dose?

Robyn MacQuarrie comments on the appearance of industry influence on the Joint SOGC-Motherisk clinical practice guideline on folic acid supplementation.

The Contentious Issue of Surrogacy in Quebec

Audrey L’Espérance advocates for collaborative policy making on surrogacy in Quebec.

Quebec’s Assisted Human Reproduction Program

Pamela White provides a brief English-language summary of the recommendations of the recently released report of the Quebec Commission à la santé et au bien-être. 

The Cost of Paying for Performance

Katharine Browne raises doubts about the motivational model upon which pay for performance (P4P) schemes are built. Physicians are not selfish knaves. 

Evidence Not Ideology: A Critical Assessment of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act

Former sex worker Kerry Porth and policy expert Genevieve Fuji Johnson say that Bill C-36, far from protecting sex workers and communities, will create more harm.