Monthly Archives: February 2015

Honouring Makayla

Sarah Wiebe discusses the significance of culturally-sensitive care in matters of life and death

The Truth about Mitochondrial Replacement

Françoise Baylis disputes popular descriptions of mitochondrial replacement as much needed treatment to avoid the birth of children ‘born to suffer’.

Reading Medical Artifacts, Contemporary Art and Medical Regimes: Curating Anatomica

Cindy Stelmackowich discusses the themes, objects and relevance of Dalhousie Art Gallery’s Anatomica exhibition.

Vaccines and the Ethics of Parental Choice

Ubaka Ogbogu argues that vaccinating a child against illness is in the child’s best interest and should be the default norm.

Physician Assisted Suicide: The Medicalization of Suffering and Death

Nuala Kenny discusses the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to remove the prohibition on assisted suicide.