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It is Time to Queer Up Bioethics for LGBTQI+ Equity

Michele Battle-Fisher and Ramona Peel critique the heteronormative, cisnormative healthcare bias inherent in the medical system.

Reflections on the Federal Budget & LGBT Families

Sophia Fantus argues that the expansion of a tax credit to LGBT individuals who use assisted reproduction helps to legitimize and include the perspectives, needs, and experiences of LGBT families.

Just Another Dead Body? Why Hate Crimes Deserve Special Recognition

Gonzalo Zurita Balderas argues that hate crimes need to be recognized in Mexico.

LGBT People and Federal Health Policy: An Invisible Population?

Nick J. Mulé and Miriam Smith argue that the Canadian Federal government must recognize the distinct and diverse healthcare needs of LGBT populations.

Ottawa Public Health Needs to Come “Clean”

Michael Orsini and Marilou Gagnon criticize Ottawa Public Health’s recent sexual health campaign.