Monthly Archives: June 2014

Social Egg Freezing in the Race Against the Biological Clock

Vardit Ravitsky argues that elective egg freezing offers an individual solution to a social problem that should be addressed not only through high-tech medical intervention but also through policy change.

Law Societies in Nova Scotia and Ontario Rightly Say No to TWU’s Discrimination

Elaine Craig defends recent decisions by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society to refuse accreditation of Trinity Western University’s law degree program.

Medical Aid in Dying: What Are We So Afraid Of?

Dave Langlois worries about the consequences of normalizing medical aid in dying, but nonetheless argues that grievously ill patients should be able to ask for, and receive, help in hastening their death.

IVF and Adoption: Not Two Sides of the Same Coin

Sarah Chapple suggests that Ontario’s proposed financial support for IVF but not adoption is one more example of financial discrimination toward adoptive families.