Monthly Archives: May 2014

Why Buckingham’s Tenure is Small Stakes in a Big Game

Eric Newstadt argues that we should worry about the way that Universities are being transformed from institutions of higher learning into corporate training grounds that produce flexible workers and forms of knowledge that can be packaged, sold, and used to generate profit.

Mutual Dependency and the Ethics of Home Birth

Katharine Wolfe suggests that recognizing the interdependent aspects of a mother and a child’s welfare may help to change how home birth is viewed.

Electronic Cigarettes: Should We “Tar” Them With Same Brush As Regular Cigarettes?

Jacquelyn Shaw weighs the case for Canadian regulation of e-cigarettes in light of the FDA’s recent announcement

Raising Expectations About IVF But Not Adoption

Carolyn McLeod and Andrew Botterell question the Ontario government’s commitment to equal access to fertility treatments and adoption. 

Hidden Clinical Trial Data about Lupron

For twenty-five years Lynne Millican has been promoting awareness of, and trying to prompt investigations into, the serious problems associated with the drug Lupron.