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A Cautious Approach to Mitochondrial Replacement

Françoise Baylis comments on the US Institute of Medicine’s report on Mitochondrial Replacement.

Is Cross-border Egg Donation Exploitative?

Monique Deveaux highlights some ethical concerns with cross-border egg ‘donation’.

Post-Pratten Proposal

Sara Cohen suggests that legislative changes can effectively increase the availability and use of known or open I.D. gamete donation in Canada without imposing a ban on anonymous sperm donation.

Sperm is Property: So Says the Court

Vanessa Gruben and Angela Cameron foresee many more difficult legal questions arising from dispositional disputes over reproductive materials.

We Are Egg Donors

Claire Burns, Raquel Cool and Sierra Falter co-founded We Are Egg Donors, the world’s first self-advocacy group for egg donors, run by egg donors. Here, Claire tells her story and shares her opinions about the egg trade in Canada.