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Turning Human Rights Upside Down with Advance Requests for MAID

Trudo Lemmens shows how proposals to expand advance requests for medical assistance in dying (MAID) ignore the Supreme Court’s restraint reflected in the Carter decision and reverse constitutional and human rights norms.

Ongoing Concerns with the B.C. Court of Appeal Decision on Assisted Dying

Nuala Kenny argues against the medicalization of suffering and death and enjoins us to reflect on the issues at stake in providing care for the dying.

Assisted Dying At 301 Wellington Street, Ottawa K1A 0J1

Jocelyn Downie explains how recent events in British Columbia and in Quebec mean that the Supreme Court of Canada will soon be making decisions on the legality of assisted dying.

Physician Assisted Suicide Will Eventually Be Legal In Canada

Arthur Schafer predicts the Supreme Court of Canada will reverse the prohibition on assisted suicide.