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Evidence and the Marketing of the HPV Vaccine

Abby Lippman, Alana Cattapan, and Kelly Holloway argue for rigorous, conflict-free research into the safety and effectiveness of the HPV vaccine and for a critical approach to its use.

Accountability for Research Misconduct

Zubin Master suggests that institutions bear some moral responsibility for research misconduct

FDA Ethicist’s Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest in Prenatal Dex Case

Newly available documents show conflicts of interest for the FDA ethicist who investigated a fetal drug experiment. Alice Dreger and Ellen K. Feder explain.

Science Policy Based On Ideology Is Damaging Our Future

James L. Turk calls on Canadians to publicly support Get Science Right – a campaign to reverse the damage being done by the federal government’s misguided science policy.

Science Does Not Trump Politics

Kelly Holloway argues that science is political and we would do well to recognize this in debating Canadian science policy.

The Decreasing Funding of Scientific Research in Canada

Dalhousie researchers reply to Tim Powers and the “Harper government war on science.”