Category Neuroethics

The Ethics of Non-Human Primate Research

Andrew Fenton and L. Syd M. Johnson criticize the acceptance of non-human primate research.

A Tragic Death and a Fight for Life

L. Syd M Johnson argues for the accommodation of religious and moral objections to declaring death according to the whole brain death criterion. 

Government Policy on Heroin-Assisted Therapy

Deb Mazer argues that current government policy is being driven by more than evidence.

The Decreasing Funding of Scientific Research in Canada

Dalhousie researchers reply to Tim Powers and the “Harper government war on science.”

L’autre maison : Quels milieux de vie réserve-t-on aux aînés québécois?

Maude Laliberté, avec cette critique du film L’autre maison, pose une question poignante : Quelles maisons sommes-nous en train d’imposer à nos proches?