Yeyang Su shares her story, personal observations and reflections on being one of the planned “one-child” generation. _________________________________________ The Chinese Communist Party recently announced that China would amend its family-planning policy by increasing the one-child restriction to two children. Those of us who are part of the “one-child” generation are once again in the spotlight. […]

Yeyang Su speaks about the personal and relational aspects that are silent in China’s family-planning policy deliberations.

Vanessa Gruben argues that Ontario’s new IVF policy should take further steps to ensure the safety and well-being of women and children.

Matthew Herder and Trudo Lemmens explore the ways that Canada’s transparency legislation may limit researchers’ abilities to scrutinize drug safety and effectiveness.

Carolyn McLeod argues that the Ontario government should not contribute to the view that adoption is second best as a way of building families.

Miriam Zoll raises concerns about Intel’s employees’ fertility benefits.

Syd M Johnson maintains that we need to consider the ethical implications of growing organs for humans in pigs.


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